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Since the Fukushima nuclear reactor disaster began on March 11th, it’s been a question on everybody’s mind: can it happen HERE? and, how BAD will it be?

PSR-Chicago’s Dr. Andy Kanter answered that question at a 20th Anniversary of Chornobyl event NEIS held in 2006.

The answer is most emphatically — YES! it CAN happen here. And — it won’t be pretty.

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Spent Fuel Dangers in Japan Nuke Plant on Good Day


Dave Kraft Director of NEIS (Nuclear Energy Information Systems) talks with Fox News Chicago “Good Day” program about the spent fuel from the Nuclear Reactors in Japan. Tuesday, 15 Mar 2011, 9:37 AM

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Nuclear Reaction Conference - Dec. 1, 2017

U-Chicago Atomic Propaganda Orgy Decoded by Fairewinds’ Arnie Gundersen & NEIS – Errors, Omissions & Lies, Oh My! – NH #337

The University of Chicago produced a month-long orgy of pro-nuclear self-congratulations to celebrate the first atomic pile, the chain reaction which started our collective nuclear nightmare.  The events culminated in a Symposium, “Nuclear Reaction,”  held on December 1, 2017, featuring relentless pro-nuclear propaganda.

Nuclear Hotseat was there to cover the events through the eyes of those who know enough to oppose nuclear, along with NEIS-sponsored events presented as a counterbalance.

Hear feedback and perspective on the human toll of the Atomic Age from:
  • Arnie Gundersen, Chief Engineer, Fairewinds Energy Education
  • Dave Kraft, Executive Director, Nuclear Energy Information Service (NEIS)
  • Norma Field, PhD, the Robert S. Ingersoll  Distinguished Service Professor Emerita of Japanese Studies at the University of Chicago
  • NEIS Board Members and Activists, including Gail Snyder, Jan Boudart, Steven Sondheim (NEIS member, Sierra Club Nuclear Free Campaign).
Who Was There for the Pro-Nuclear Self-Congratulations?
  • Former Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz
  • President and CEO of Exelon, Chris Crane
  • Representatives of Department of Energy, Stanford University, and of course, University of Chicago
Numnutz of the Week (For Nuclear Boneheadedness):

Fireworks?!?  Shaped like a mushroom cloud?!?  Exploded over the site of the first atomic pile, which led to all the rest of the nuclear madness?!?  Someone needs to explain “mixed metaphor” to those numnutz at the U of C!

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Nuclear Hottest Show - Dec. 8 2017

A week after the “Nuclear Reaction” party ended at University of Chicago, and the dusty fallout from the artsy multi-colored mushroom cloud simulation settled to the Earth, producer Libbe HaLevy’s Nuclear Hotseat show took the University to task for its infomercial promoting nuclear power:

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Will Nuclear Power's Death Spiral Kill Us All?

Harvey Wasserman’s Solartopia show of March 9th, featured the Moe, Larry and Curly of the anti-nuclear movement – Kevin Kamps of Beyond Nuclear, Tim Judson of Nuclear Information and Resource Service, and Dave Kraft of Chicago’s Nuclear Energy Information Service (NEIS). We discuss Fukushima on the 6th anniversary of the disaster, and the nuclear bailouts in Illinois, New York and Ohio.

We began by assessing the final collapse of the push for new nukes in the US, especially with the collapse of Westinghouse and France’s Areva. But we then examine the far more terrifying turf of dying old uncompetitive nukes being kept on line with huge state-based hand-outs.

Basically it boils down to your money AND your life.

NEIS Board President Interviewed About Palisades Closure

Entergy Corp. has announced that it will be closing down the Palisades nuclear reactor near Covert, MI, earlier than expected.

NEIS Board President Gail Snyder was interviewed about Palisades by NBC News Chicago in December. Gail’s family has property in the area near Palisades. Listen to her here:

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